Newsy Project

The story I want to use for my Newsy project is a fun one, rather than breaking news: “Amazon Begs Big on ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series for Prime.”  The article explains how despite the massive fanbase that could support such a venture, the $250 million spent on production rights alone is a risk for the company. They’ve made a multi-season commitment for a series set before Fellowship, and each season could have a budget of $150 million, if they want to do it justice, according to Rolling Stone. Amazon is used to taking financial risks that eventually do pay off, reportedly spending $4.5 billion on Prime Video. I want to do this article because once I finally got into the LOtR trilogy, I fell in love with the books and mythos, so to see an attempt to revitalize the story with a TV series that doesn’t have the restraints of cable television was really interesting to me. I think if Amazon can pull it off, they’ll more than earn back their $250 million expenditure.


2 thoughts on “Newsy Project

  1. Hey Chloe,
    A LOtR television series sounds like it could either be successful or a total fail. It would be cool if the series will do well. Looking forward to hearing more about this.


  2. Hi Chloe!
    I think a Lord of The Rings series would be really cool. I hope amazon decides to go through with it. I think they it would definitely make their money back with the amount of fans Lord of The Rings has.


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