The major takeaway I got from Newsy was its simplicity. Each video is around a minute long and tells you just enough to keep you informed but doesn’t bog it down with details it doesn’t need to share, that’s what national news sites are for. In watching the video for the late Roy Halladay, all it contained was his cause and date of death, who he’s survived by, and two quotes from teams he played for in the MLB. Short, sweet, and concise.

The video featuring Syria joining the Paris Climate Agreement, making the US the only nation not participating, has much more facts and background to make a complete story, but still does so in 49 seconds with a complete transcript beneath it.

I also watched the video for Disney ending their ban of the LA Times, which I didn’t know was happening, and again got the gist of what the story was about in one minute and three seconds. It doesn’t feel like any of these miniature stories are skewed toward any opinions, they’re just reporting the news as it happens, and that’s refreshing to read, instead of publishers like Fox and CNN wanting to incite whatever anger they can in their readers about the next political drama, ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

The blog, all about Newsy’s direction and recent developments, is about as concise as its articles, but to be honest, I stopped reading each of the top three posts about three sentences in because I don’t follow Newsy and it didn’t interest me, especially since it was designed with strictly text, it read a bit like an official document.


One thought on “Newsy

  1. I agree, it was refreshing to have news that didn’t give their own opinion about the matter just the facts. It also brought to surface news we didn’t even know was going on because local and national news may not cover it.


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