Hyperlocal News

I’m actually very confused about what distinguishes hyperlocal news from local news, really where they draw the line between the two.  But, I’m going to try anyway and redo this post once I get some clarity. After scrolling through the list and clicking some links that didn’t work (based on the article, does that mean they were taken down so fast the database hasn’t been updated yet?), I looked through “Eye on Annapolis,” “Silicon Bayou News,” and “The Hechinger Report,” and… these sites feel like clickbait, honestly. There’s more ads than actual content, it feels like and if I click on any of them, I’m going to get a virus on my computer. It’s actually difficult to find these articles buried under all the advertisements, especially for “Eye on Annapolis.”

“Silicon Bayou” was very clean and looked a lot like a national news site, and “Hechinger Report” wasn’t infested either. For those two, I thought their articles were very well-written and wonder what dooms these articles to the monetary woes of hyperlocal news.



One thought on “Hyperlocal News

  1. Hey Chloe,
    I was confused by hyperlocals news myself because it was hard for me to write about something. I’m excited about to read about the “Eye on Annapolis,” “Silicon Bayou News,” and “The Hechinger Report,” . Do a good job on the hyperlocal news writing.


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