Photojournalism Project I

I did a photojournalism project my junior year of high school and really didn’t care about quality. I took pictures with my phone, made a convincing story, and turned it in for the grade. It was of my sister’s semi-finals softball game, her team lost something like 12-9. Three years later, and I want to try it again, but this time giving it the attention it deserves. I have my own camera now and know how to use it. I photographed her all-star opening day this summer and gave all my pictures to the team’s families for free. It felt good to do that for them, since that season didn’t end on a particularly high note. At least they’d have good moments captured to remind them they were still a solid team of all-star players that would make it far if they stuck with it. My sister’s second-to-last season started a few weeks ago, after spring she’ll be in  high school and hopefully playing for her school’s title. A real, metal trophy. But it won’t be just for fun anymore. Come high school, the wins and losses carry more weight, people are watching, important people, and a population of highly influential peers will know by the end of the game how she did and if she cost them the win.

I want to photograph one of her last Fall Ball games to remind her that no matter what happens come next year, she plays this sport because she loves to get down in the dirt as a catcher and slide like a rock star across the grass in the outfield to make a dramatic catch that ends a brutal inning. That it isn’t about snagging a scholarship just yet, that she’s on a team to rely on that team and have fun with that team. And, that one day, when she trail-blazes her way to the first professional women’s softball league, she’ll remember where she came from all those years ago.


4 thoughts on “Photojournalism Project I

  1. Hi Chloe!
    I agree with you that photo journalism is more than a story. It offers a glimpse back into time and aalows us to relive the moments in the context of when they happened. The subject of your old story makes a good photojournalism story because it does just that: capturing your subject in that field in that moment. I look forward to your story.
    From Russia with love,


  2. Hello Chloe!
    I am so glad that you acknowledged that you did not put as much effort into a similar project before and used that as motivation to do well on this project. It also seems like your sister means quite a bit to you. I am intrigued to see what your final pictures turn out like. Good luck to you on your photojournalism and good luck to your sister in her tournament.


  3. Hey Chloe
    I agree with you Journalism is more about telling a story than taking photos. I;m glad you put effort into this project because you used this project as a motivational project. Good luck on your project and good luck to your sister in her softball tournament.


  4. Hwy Chloe!
    I think it’s pretty cool you have made a photo journalism back in high school, I’ve never had to do a photojournalism project before so for you to have an idea and experience helps a lot! I like your idea, can’t wait to see your finish result!


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