Interview Part II


A Valrico teen took the academic plunge and made it out the other side; this is what she has to show for it. Signing your soul away for four years of your life in a gamble for college applications isn’t everyone’s idea of a good bet. Kristen Gaertner, and hundreds like her in the Tampa suburbs, readily jumped at the chance to join Strawberry Crest’s IB magnet program, and made it out four years later with a shiny high school diploma. Now with a summer job and dream college shortly in her future, she’s taken the time to reflect on the past four years of all-nighters and cement-block backpacks.

My questions for Kristen:
1. What was your initial reaction to hearing about the program?
2. How did you feel when you got accepted?
3. What did you think the magnet program would be like?
4. Best and worst moments from those four years?
5. Did you ever miss traditional high school?
6. Did you ever consider dropping out and why/why not?
7. How did you feel walking across the stage on graduation day?
8. Would you recommend it for your siblings/younger friends?
9. Was the magnet program worth it for what you want to do in life?
10. What are your plans for the future with this experience?


3 thoughts on “Interview Part II

  1. I love the introduction! Very engaging and leaves me wanting to read the rest of the article to find out about who Kristen is. The questions being asked are very straight to the point and will help with the interviewing process.


  2. Chloe, I loved your opening paragraph. It really caugh my attention. Your questions also go along so well with your story and seem like they will have great responses. I admire that you chose a regular citizen to write about. Making such extraordinary decisions at such a young age is inspiring.i look forward to reading about the rest of your interview.


  3. Hey Chloe, “signing your soul away” is a great line. It really shows your feelings towards the teens’ decision to take the plunge as you so put it. I enjoy your writing style for sure as it happens to be very engaging to the audience while seeming like you wrote entirely for yourself. Also superb questioning.


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