I try to live by the philosophy of ‘go big or go home.’ Usually falling in the latter of the two, if I’m going to take time to do something, I’m going to do it well. So, if I could interview anyone in the world, just sit across from them with a notebook of questions and tape recorder regardless of all circumstances that brought me there, I’d have to say Pope Francis.

I’m sure the assumption is that I’m a devout catholic. I was just in Italy, actually. I saw Vatican City and the square (circle) they hold Mass in and Tervis tumblers with naked angels on them, and it was very moving… architecture. I’d want to interview Pope Francis because I’m a devout atheist.

I want to know why the most religious man in the Catholic faith believes what he believes and how he came to believe it. I want to know his views on everything from homosexuality to capital punishment. I want to know what he thinks of people like me and if he’s different than my imagination portrays him. I want to know from the source, from three feet in front of him, because if I’m ever going to understand and appreciate a belief system I’ve never been a part of, Pope Francis will be the man to explain it.

But, if I had to settle for the attainable, then I’d pick someone much closer to home, someone most people never consider their entire lives unless they feel like complaining to get a free meal. I hate to admit it, but there’s the entire kitchen staff at my job, and I only know one of their names. The restaurant appreciates what they do, but the customers don’t care. Not at this level, at least. One cook I have in mind, I’d like to ask how she came to be where she is. What choices led her there and what did she dream to be? Does she still want that dream? Perhaps it’s horribly uninteresting, but maybe it’ll be some fascinating story no one ever bothered to hear before.


2 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Hi!
    I liked the first part of your post about Pope Francis, the atheism bit was a nice twist that I’m sure many agnostics would relate to as well, in addition to other atheists. The potential interview about the chef at your job is nice too, that could potentially be very powerful. Overall, good job. Keep it up!
    From Russia with love,

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  2. Hi Chloe
    I think it’s really interesting that you got the chance to visit Italy. It’s one of my dreams to go there some day. I totally respect your beliefs as an atheist (or nonbeliefs?) and that despite them you’re willing to interview someone of hierarchy with spiritual beliefs as opposed to most atheists who simply bash Christians for ever believing a God could exist. It would be amazing if you ever did have the opportunity to interview Pope Francis but a profile story about one of the cooks at your work would be cool too. Who knows? Maybe it’ll make for an interesting read.


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